Books - Investigation and Relevant Subjects

Diamond Investigations is pleased to recommend books that are useful for established as well as new private investigators.

Please select a title of interest from the selections provided below:

Private Investigation : How to be Successful!
By Bill Copeland, Library Binding - 218 pages

The Art Of Surveillance
by Rod Richburg, Kelly Riddle, Paperback - 120 pages

Professional's Guide To Practicing Private Investigation
by Greg Hauser, Rod Richburg, Paperback - 211 pages

Corporate Crime Investigation
by Jack Bologna, Paul Shaw, Hardcover

Employee Theft Investigation
by J. Kirk Barefoot, Hardcover

The Layman's Guide to Electronic Eavesdropping : How It's Done and Simple Ways to Prevent It : How It's Done and Simple Ways to Prevent It
by Tom Larsen, Paperback - 112 pages

SIU 101 : Special Investigation Units : Guidelines, Formats, Procedures, Forms, and Philosophy for Investigators and Adjustors
by Bill Kizorek, Scott Finger, Hardcover

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