Are you vulnerable?
Act now to find out.

Diamond Investigations risk and crisis management service assists you to define threats, assess areas of vulnerability and develop plans to improve security, reduce exposure and prevent losses.

We provide project management personnel to implement our recommendations to protect clients and to resolve crises.


Assessment of possible risks
  • Analysis of risk exposure
  • Establish client's physical and IT security
  • Implementation of security business continuity
  • Provision of crisis management plans
  • Continual ongoing support for client's management of crisis

  • Cost effective risk management solutions
  • Practical management plans
  • Minimal disruption to personnel/business
  • Protection in dangerous environments
You don't want to be caught napping or playing online casino when only a little preparation will make all the difference - then you can go back to the game of roulette! When an incident disrupts operations, effective response depends on having staff trained & ready and an action plan in place. Whether the incident involves a disgruntled employee with a weapon, extortion, a natural disaster, a chemical spill or a bomb threat, crucial decisions are often made with limited information and under extreme time pressures and intense media scrutiny.

Poor judgment may result in injuries to employees or customers, destruction of facilities and equipment and long-term damage to an organization's financial stability and reputation.

Diamond Investigations has extensive experience in preparing companies to respond efficiently and effectively to emergency incidents. Diamond Investigations applies sound managerial techniques designed to cope with a crisis situation, while simultaneously accomplishing organizational goals. Diamond Investigations comprehensive approach involves

Crisis Planning - customized plans, including clear definitions of roles and responsibilities, to help minimize the negative impact on all aspects of a client's business

Pre-incident Services - conducting security surveys, travel safety seminars, crisis simulation exercises and tests of policies and procedures, as well as providing vulnerability assessments and strategies to strengthen security measures

Incident response Services - providing on-site incident management teams that remain with the client until the problem is resolved and plans are in motion for business and lives to return to normal

Security and Risk Analysis - Surveys Through the identification, analysis and evaluation of risk we may then select the most advantageous method of treating it. Therefore, a complete and comprehensive survey of the establishment together with interviews with key executive personnel must be completed before any strategies may be put in place.

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