We are experienced investigators in the area of theft of trademarks, patents and intellectual property.

We will investigate

  • Counterfeiting of brand names
  • Copying of patents and designs
  • Designs and logos simulating well known brands
  • Theft of ideas under development
The extensive availability of technology to the public makes the copying of artwork, designs and software commonplace. Counterfeits of DVDs, Cds, clothing, jewellery, watches, leather goods, toys, motor vehicle parts, car consumables, watches, footwear, music CDs, computer software, movies, video tapes etc. are not uncommon. The fraud is unlimited.

Diamond Investigations can resolve your problems by the use of discreet covert surveillance, wireless technology and expert investigative techniques.

Tell us about your concerns and problems and we are ready to act on your behalf. Contact us now to discuss our services in more detail.

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