What does R.G.S. do for you?

We guarantee to obtain video evidence of the claimant on every instruction for surveillance received. If we do not, then Diamond Investigations will only charge 75% of the hourly scheduled fee.

Yes, there are conditions attached to R.G.S. and we would be happy to explain when you contact us. R.G.S. is unique and only available at Diamond Investigations.

How can we do this?

We are goal orientated and believe this incentive not only benefits our clients but also our firm. We believe our clients have nothing to lose and everything to gain with R.G.S. The standards which Diamond Investigations has set are the foundation of R.G.S.

Diamond Investigations and its full time in-house investigative staff has consistently stood for the ultimate in quality control. The product and service are under the constant scrutiny of the experienced senior management staff. You can now have a high level of quality service and and benefit from Diamond Investigations' reputation and guarantee when you utilize R.G.S. for your investigative needs.

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