To provide excellent service to our clients in the fields of Skip Tracing & Missing Persons. Clients are the reason for our existence and we focus on listening to their needs, providing solutions and rendering service in a manner which we would like to enjoy when we are clients of an organization.

Diamond Investigations offers one of the most cost effective and successful skip tracing services in Australia. We have located thousands of individuals/businesses since 1997. We specialize in difficult locate/skip cases.

The following is a list of some reasons why we are experts in this area:
  • Diamond Investigations has one of the most comprehensive list of information services available to any private investigation firm (please refer to our website)
  • Our skip tracing department has trained investigators who work exclusively in this field. The manager was a former Child Support Enforcement investigator, who tracked down many absent fathers
  • Our success rate is very high, and we regularly receive assignments after others have failed
  • Our skip tracing techniques are very cost effective and methodical to ensure that you get your money's worth
  • Diamond Investigations has a toll-free "trap" number and other sources to locate difficult skips
  • We understand the debt collection/receivables management industry and the time constraints that affect it
  • Diamond Investigations is a member of the Australian Institute of Private Detectives and The Association of Investigators and Security Professionals, and is listed in their nationwide directory.
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