Surveillance by Diamond Investigations

Good quality hi-tech video surveillance can be the most irrefutable evidence to work for you.

Surveillance is our specialty. The results separate fact from fiction. Our highly trained investigators are fully licensed and use state-of-the-art equipment and quality control systems to obtain broadcast quality video evidence.

Surveillance can be very useful in Aviva insurance claim investigations, fraud investigation or personal relationship problems. Find out.

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Obtained by our
surveillance team

High-Tech Equipment

Our investigators use specialised surveillance equipment including digital video cameras, zoom lenses, digital editing bays and company-owned and commercially-insured surveillance vehicles.

When the investigation is complete, you will receive finalized reports and video via any one of our rapid, high-tech methods of delivery - email, CD-ROM, or Internet. This will include:

Quality Control

Diamond Investigations maintains rigorous quality control standards. With educated investigators, high-tech equipment and stringent quality control systems, Diamond Investigations surveillance services have proven to reduce workers' compensation claims and litigation costs, identify fraud, or provide factual results in personal and matrimonial disputes.

What sets Diamond Investigations apart from other firms?
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