Workplace Theft Investigations

Diamond Investigations specializes in Workplace Theft investigations.

We have conducted numerous investigations with successful results saving companies tens of thousands of dollars.

Our investigations center around placing one or more covert investigators within your organisation, with the specific intention of detecting theft. Our program generally runs a minimum of two weeks whereby our operative becomes part of your workforce and gathers evidence on your suspects.

In some instance we also place covert cameras within the workplace. The suspect accepts our pretext that our operative is just another employee. Once suitable evidence and intelligence has been gathered, we then consult with management and the assignment can then be stopped. At the completion of the investigation the suspect is interviewed and usually removed from the workplace by the employer.

Our operatives are multi-skilled and capable of working in the transport, manufacturing, warehousing, security and finance sectors. They also will identify any O.H. & S. issues.

Each investigation requires an unique approach. We will tailor a plan accordingly. We take all precautions to ensure issues with workplace theft are eliminated and therefore do not breach the Trade Practics Act or Industrial Relations issues. Each stage of the investigation is assessed and consulted with our legal team.

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